On-site registration where it’s required

With CM Exhibition, you can perform check-ins by scanning tickets and provide exhibitors with the opportunity to collect leads by scanning name badges.

CM Exhibition app with participants on arrival list

The ultimate registration tool

CM Exhibition is an efficient tool for events managed with Conference Manager. With the app, you can scan tickets at entrances and exits, as well as register and keep track of participants’ selections and program registrations.

Arrival registration

Manage participant check-ins and check-outs while keeping tracks of arrival times, payments, and participant counts.

Register personal choices

Scan your participants scheduled selections and personal choices.

Search participants

Forgotten or lost tickets can be easily retrieved and manually registered.

Lead Scanning

Give your participants and exhibitors access to scan and collect leads at the event.

Data retrieval

Registrations are securely stored and can be later exported for further utilization.

Tickets gets checked-in with CM Exhibition app

Arrival registration

Manage and scan tickets by the entrance

With Arrival Registration, you can manage events with thousands of registrations. Your participants can easily be registered upon arrival and departure from the event.

As an organiser, you have the flexibility to perform manual registrations, search for participants, and conduct attendee counts wherever it suits you.

The app provides notifications and sounds when:

  • Check-ins or check-outs occur
  • Payment is missing
  • An invalid ticket or barcode is used
  • A participant has already been checked in or out

Personal registrations

Scan personal choices and programme items

Before the event, you can set up various options and selectable items that participants can choose from. These selections can be easily registered at locations and times that suit the event.

For example, if you need to register a specific number of participants for a particular session or want to distribute a limited number of goodie bags at the entrance, it can be easily managed with the app.

Regsiter options with CM Exhibition app

The complete overview

The app offers a comprehensive view of your registrations, and all data is securely recorded for future export once your event is completed.

Top-Notch protection

The app is developed with the same high level of security as the rest of Conference Manager, ensuring the safe handling of your participants’ data in a secure environment.

Udveksling af kontaktoplysninger i CM Exhibition appen.
Lead informations in CM Exhibition app

Lead collecting

Collect customer and network relations

Enable the generation and export of leads for your networking meetings and exhibitions. With Lead Scanning, you can stay in touch with those who matter by quickly scanning their name badges.

The app collects the relevant contact information and manages them for you in a secure and protected environment.

Access and permissions

Controlled by you as the organiser

In Conference Manager, you determine the number of users who should have access to use the app. If you’re hosting a large event with multiple entrances, you can advantageously create separate users for your registration areas.

Users and permissions in CM Exhibition app

For small gatherings and meetings

Naturally, you can also choose to create individual users that can be used across multiple devices – it’s all up to you and your team as organisers.

Choose language

Select your prefered location.


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