Elevate your events with powerful integrations

Embrace a future where your events thrives through seamless, automated processes, ensuring optimal productivity at every turn.

Maximize your usage

Through integrations, you can maximize your use of Conference Manager and create a more coherent and efficient work process. We develop and implement the necessary surfaces, whether they are integrations for CRM, ERP, financial systems or e.g. member databases.


Streamlining reduces wasted time, optimizes processes and improves overall work flow.


Automation reduces manual tasks, saves time, minimizes errors and increases work efficiency.


Overview creates a clear and comprehensible view, which facilitates decision-making and increases productivity.

Expand with standard add-ons

Save time on data processing by automating many of the manual processes. We have set up standard integrations for many of the biggest systems. 

See all of our standard add-ons at the bottom of this page.

Want more than the standard?

Conference Manager can be integrated with the systems you use on a daily basis, such as e.g. CRM, ERP, marketing tools, financial systems or member databases.

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API (Application Programming Interfaces)

APIs act as the digital bridges that enable seamless communication between different software applications. They allow developers to access and use functionalities of one software to enhance the capabilities of another and foster a dynamic and interconnected digital ecosystem.

Our API module (REST API) allows you to extract your data from Conference Manager and implement in other systems. The API can e.g. be used to extract specific data to create own overviews of events, with detailed information.

Standard integrations

Cooperation with system integrators

We collaborate with the largest system integrators in Denmark and abroad so that your systems can deliver and receive data from Conference Manager.


Sales & Marketing

Google Analytics 4

Sales & Marketing



Microsoft Outlook

Sales & Marketing




Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Excel


SuperOffice CRM

Sales & Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sales & Marketing



OBS Studio


Microsoft Teams


Get in touch

Conference Manager can be integrated with exactly the systems you use on a daily basis, e.g. CRM, ERP, marketing tools, financial systems or member databases. Contact us and hear more about how integrations can streamline, automate and give you a greater overview of your work.

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