Gain valuable insights by getting your participants attention

Create engaging communication channeled through the systems interactive communication tools.

Communicate with your audience

With Conference Manager’s communication tools, you can gain and collect valuable insights from your participants and processes, enabling you to optimise your event management. All data is valuable and stored, allowing you to work with the gathered information.

Live Polls

You control the big screen while participants follow along and submit their answers using their smartphones.

Quiz or competition

Host fun quizzes and let participants compete against each other for exciting prizes during the event.

Live Q&A’s

With Live Messages, you can conduct Q&A sessions during a presentation or lecture where participants can ask anonymous questions.

Surveys and questionnaires

Dispatch important surveys and satisfaction questionnaires to participants before, during, and after the event.

Polls & Quizzes

Participant engagement counts

With a smartphone in hand and internet access, participants are ready to respond to polls, quiz, or compete for great prizes. Create polls in Conference Manager with plenty of questions and various answer options.

Participants follow the questions on the screen and answer via their smartphones – directly through the CM Events app, ensuring everyone can participate. The results are displayed after each question, and if you want to make it competitive, you can activate the point system and crown a winner in the end.”

Deltagere under en afstemning arrangementet.
Polls answer types in CM Events app.
Deltagere lytter til et spændende foredrag under arrangementet.
Live Messages in CM Events app

Live Q&A's

Allow questions and comments during the presentation

Using Live Messages, your participants can submit messages without disrupting the speaker, including questions – and it’s all completely anonymous.

The speaker has the ability to display these messages on the big screen, and participants can vote on which messages they consider most relevant for a response.

Collect valuable feedback

Create assessments and evaluations that measure and provide evidence-based insights into your participants and events.

Set up evaluations to focus on content, level, and assessment. Evaluations can provide valuable data about your event and its quality.

You also have the option to create assessments that emphasize documentation and the application of knowledge, skills, and beliefs. By conducting assessments, you can obtain systematic data and use it to enhance your events.

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