It all begins with a good preparation

Regardless of the event’s scale, whether it takes place physically, digitally, or in a hybrid format, Conference Manager makes the setup and preparation easier than ever.


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Participant categories

Facilitate mass registrations with ease

Conference Manager provides participant and companion categories, allowing you to easily distinguish between attendees and tailor their registration experience based on their preferences.

You have complete control over the number of registrations allowed in each category, and you can even establish exclusive categories accessible only to specially invited individuals.

Provide fantastic choices for your participants

With our choice options, your participants can easily include or exclude extras such as catering, workshops, or transportation, and choose from various accommodation options based on their preferences.


Create countless registration choices that your participants can select or purchase during their registration, allowing you to differentiate between your participant categories. This way, you have control over the choices available to individual participant categories and what they need to pay.

Register options with different types of selections


If you offer accommodation, the system can be used to differentiate prices, room types, and hotels. Participants can make their selections during registration and can invite others to share a room. The system keeps track of arrival and departure dates, and you can conveniently send this information directly to the hotels.


Create interactive seating charts with numbered seats and sections

Our Seat Selector feature allows your participants to reserve specific seats ahead of the event. Using the system’s Seat Selector, you can effortlessly design and personalise visually appealing seating layouts, offering your participants a graphic overview of the event.

Various programme items to select


A well-structured programme is a cornerstone of any successful event

Conference Manager’s adaptable programme simplifies the management of even the most intricate events. Make program elements and pricing for different participant categories with precision. The program interface offers both you and your participants a comprehensive overview of schedules and timings, while also allowing seamless incorporation of essential materials into each program item.

Simplify financial matters

Conference Manager provides payment solutions and financial management for all types of events. You can also invoice your participants directly from the system, eliminating the need for manual invoice issuance by your accounting department.

Payment & Invoiceing

Bank transfers and electronic payment cards are standard payment options in Conference Manager. It’s also possible to enable credit card payments, both domestic and international, as part of the registration process. If you opt to invoice directly from the system, this can be done via email and EAN (European Article Number) as well.

Order confirmation

Order confirmation is automatically sent to the participant and, if necessary, an order supervisor. You have the option to choose which elements should be visible in the confirmation and what should be communicated in the confirmation email.

Website Designer

Build the perfect Event Website

Create a distinctive website where your participants can register for the event while receiving essential information and navigating through the choices you’ve set up in the system. With our Designer tool, you can configure your event site to have the exact appearance and style that suits your event. Manage colors, fonts, and incorporate text, images, and much more to achieve the desired look and feel.

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