All your follow-up gathered in one place

The system provides efficient follow-up options, allowing you to fully concentrate on content, assessment, finances, and collecting data on the event’s quality.

A survey where the respondent are choosing between ratings


Collect valuable feedback

Conference Manager’s questionnaires are an excellent way to gain insight into participants’ expectations for your event or to evaluate the event after it has taken place.

Receive the responses as summary reports with graphs or as raw data in an Excel document that you can further analyse.

Finance and Accounting

Manage your finances effectively

Gain a quick overview of the event’s revenue and detailed financial information.

The ledger contains all items related to the event in Conference Manager. You can customize the period that the ledger covers, and you can export it all to Excel for further use. Additionally, you can always access all previously submitted settlement documents.

Event Manager are preparing the event with Conference Manager

Internal Settlement

With internal settlement, it’s possible to handle settlements between departments when you sell events/courses to participants within your organization where an invoice should not be issued.

By registering the company’s own VAT numbers, EAN numbers, and information about who can approve internal settlements within Conference Manager, the system automatically ensures that the process is completed correctly and in accordance with the necessary internal approval processes.

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